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“A lovely little cottage in the depths of a forest is the most beautiful place a king or any man can ever have”

We have three cottages.

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The farmstead

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature”

A Farm Stay has to be experienced.

Here is a visitor’s experience in her own words.

‘As you check in, you are treated to coconut water from freshly plucked coconuts. A quick but relaxing foot massage fo/r the weary traveller follows the welcome drink.

From the reception you can see a watchtower. It is a multi-purpose 20-ft water tank. The view from the top of this gives a panoramic view of the Western Ghats and a huge expanse of coconut farms during the day and clear view of the sky during the night. The first level also can be used to sit and enjoy the farm. The ground level has a steam bath.

Across the watchtower is a patch of undulating rocky terrain where the rocks and stones have been modelled into benches to give a feel of a natural park. Just beyond this is the children play area with a slide, seesaw and other play equipment.

As you walk along the dirt path that leads you to the cottages, there is a fruit laden mango tree, a jackfruit tree, and a few other flowering trees. But before you reach the cottages, there is a huge water tank on the right, used as a bathing space, where water will gush from a pump set (used to water crops).’

You will find it completely different from a resort stay of today’s times. No manicured lawns, swimming pools, polished floors. It's all rustic but incredibly peaceful. Enjoy the stone benches, sit on a wooden seat under a tree or take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Stretch out your arms and inhale the fresh air.

Cottage Views

Reducing carbon footprint was the ideology behind the construction of the cottages. Our architect, Mr P.K. Sreenivasan of Vasthukam in Kerala , has made our vision a reality.
Natural and locally available materials are used for the construction. The foundation has been laid with rubble providing solidity and firmness to the structure.

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