• Leisure in nature

    Relax with your family

  • Mud Hut Stay

    Mud Hut gives you pleasant atmosphere

  • Feel the nature

    Live with nature while inside

  • Live in eco friendly

    Farm stay makes you comfort


Down to Earth – Mud Hut Farmstay by LAKSEM

The Environs

The rolling hills, the green pastures beckon you into Sethumadai and the Western Ghats.

The farmstead

“My wish is to stay always like this, Living quietly ln a corner of nature”

The Cottages

“A lovely little cottage
In the depths of a forest
Is the most beautiful place
A king or any man can ever have”

The Architecture

“Architecture is made of memory. contain the record Of the minds that conceived them and the hands that crafted them”


  • Built by Mud
    • Green Building Concept Applied
    • Low Carbon Footprint
    • All materials were taken from own land
  • Living recreation
    • Relax in a natural atmosphere
    • Engage in Leisure activities
    • Enrich your mental wellness
  • Traditional Food
    • Consume heritage food of Tamilnadu
    • Locally cultivated fruits and vegetables
    • Taste traditional village recipes
  • Farm stay Activity
    • Engage in traditional indoor and outdoor games
    • Spend time on riding around the natural environment
    • Visit nearby beautiful places

Are you planning to check-in LAKSEM Farmstay!

  • Where to stay?

    Down to Earth - Mud Hut Farmstay

  • What to eat?

    Organic food with kongunadu cuisine.

  • What to do?

    Lots of natural life skill activities

  • What I get?

    Leisure and Enjoying eco-tourism

  • What I takeway?

    Rejoice of mind and natural lifestyle

  • How can I book cottage?

    Dail to +91-9940676533

Our Location


#24, Topslip Road, Sethumadai, Anamalai Taluk, Pollachi, Coimbatore - 642133


+91 99406 76533 | +91 90475 36433 | +91 63814 77060